What Isn’t?

It’s official, my cynicism and skepticism levels have reached critical mass.  I say this because I’m not only not inflicted with the eager hope of Brent Budowski’s post for The Hill, but actually a little put off.  I’m tired of people promising me ponies and the closest I ever seem to get are sewer rats.

Bitter skepticism, however, has not inflicted Budowski who calls the destruction of the CIA torture tapes the “Watergate of out times”.   And the fun doesn’t stop there folks, oh no.  It is this incident that he believes will result in mass indictments, pardons and the trail of filth leading unmistakably back to the Oval Office where Bush will have to defend himself by claiming he is “not a crook”.

Here’s my problem.  When it comes to this administration, what isn’t the Watergate of our times?  Even if you excuse my chronic BDS, there have been countless stories all of which so many folks believed would finally do this presidency in, and yet it continues to keep on ticking like a Timex being used as a hockey puck.

Warrantless wiretapping, Plamegate, firing of US Attorneys based upon political reasons, lying the nation into war, and the list goes on and on.  In fact, part of the formula that Budowski predicts here with the torture tapes has actually happened already in regards to the Valerie Plame scandal.

A senior White House official in Scooter Libby was actually convicted of purgery, sentenced to prison, and then had his sentence commuted by the POTUS himself.  Meanwhile, other high ranking officials such as Richard Armitage and Karl Rove, both of whom were key in releasing Plame’s name to the media not only have gone free.  To extend a brief and rare moment of fairness in their direction, the laws on the books make it next to impossible to actually convict someone for outing an agent (there are a number of qualifiers that narrow the offense down), but that doesn’t change the fact that many other BDS sufferers such as myself hoped that would be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Or finding out that the President was spying on American citizens.  I thought he was a real goner there, but nope.  Nixon gets strongarmed out of office for spying on the opposite party and himself, Bush covers America as a whole, and there’s an uproar, and little else.

I want to believe Budowski, I really do.  I want to believe that for once the President will truly be held accountable.  Unfortunately, the current track record has shattered my faith that this President will be held responsible for anything.

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