White House Press Secretary Dana Perino: Weaving Lies Like A Loom

“I think the intelligence committee needs to get all over this… . This raises a red flag that needs to be looked at.”

Representative Peter Hoekstra, Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, 2004 to 2006 and “a strong supporter of the C.I.A. detention and interrogation program” who, along with other Congressional officials, claims to have been unaware that the tapes had been destroyed.

Let’s cut to the bone. When the Bush Administration trots out arguments and finds that even Michelle Malkin(“it is bad) and Ed Morrissey(“frankly, the timing stinks”) have trouble swallowing them, it’s in serious trouble.

– Scott Horton, The Scapegoat (h/t skdadl @ Bread and Roses)

“We haven’t seen anything like this since the eighteen-and-a-half-minute gap in the tapes of President Richard Nixon.”

– Senator Edward Kennedy, from remarks made Friday on the Senate floor.

More from Larry Johnson, Larisa Alexandrovna, Marcy Wheeler, Robert Baer and Massimo Calabresi; Wheeler has also compiled a handy torture tape timeline (a tip o’ the tam once more to skdadl).

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  1. Doug Orton says:

    I would like to send Dana Perino an email. Can you give me her address?

    Thank you!

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