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The interesting thing to keep in mind about Nevada is that it was supposed to be Hillary Clinton country all the way.  She’s maintained solid and strong leads throughout the preseason, and Harry Reid’s oldest son is a prominent member of the Clinton campaign there.  This may not seem like much considering Harry Reid himself is more a topic of grumbling than cheer among many Democrats, but apparently the Reids are well liked in the home of Lost Wages and the Mustang Ranch.

Like I said, Clinton was supposed to clean up Nevada, and to be completely honest, the trends still favor her even if recent polling doesn’t.

But then there’s this lawsuit mess that could throw a huge monkey wrench in Clinton’s plans for Nevada, possibly opening up a huge opportunity for the Obama camp to walk away with a win he shouldn’t have even dared to dream about not long ago.

The thing to keep in mind is that this all began in March of last year.  Nevada decided it wanted to Caucus, and it wanted to do it on a Saturday so that nobody would miss out as a result of having to be at work, or getting stuck in traffic at the time.  This was all fine and dandy for everyone except the Culinary Union which is comprised of thousands of service personnel who work at Nevada’s famed casinos.

For them, Saturday wasn’t a day off but the biggest day of the week, and having the caucus on the evening of that day could potentially disenfranchise thousands upon thousands of workers.  So they asked for and received nine “at large” caucus locations placed directly in the Casinos so that they would be able to hold on to their jobs and still partake in the Democratic caucus.

It should be pointed out that at this point in time, any other union that wanted their own at large location could have asked for one, but they didn’t.  In fact, this was all settled and done with with no complaints to speak of last Spring, and there hasn’t been much of ado about it until now.

What changed?  It can hardly be mere coincidence that the lawsuit in question came out almost immediately after the Culinary Union decided to endorse Senator Barack Obama as opposed to Hillary Clinton.

Now, I have often said that if Clinton loses the nomination, it’ll be her own fault.  I still maintain that if she takes a deep breath, backs off, and puts her surrogates back on the leash, she puts the burden on Obama to make up the difference while she essentially runs out the clock.  I still personally feel that the dirtier the Clinton campaign appears, the worse off her campaign is.

Well, she kind of fumbled on this one.  Not long after the Culinary Union endorsed Obama, it was the NEA(who endorsed Clinton) who filed a law suit, and it is a Hillary friendly law firm that is pursuing it (Bilbray, a member of the firm in question, not only endorsed Hillary, but is actively stumping for her in the Silver State).

And in case you were wondering where the Clintons themselves stood on the lawsuit, apparently the former president is all for it.

Here’s the problem; the Clintons have now pissed off one of the biggest unions in the state, and they’re not going to take it lying down.  The Culinary Workers Union is taking up arms, and they have fliers.

That’s not good, and the fliers are pretty effective.  The thing is, if the Culinary Union really mobilizes for this, winning the lawsuit could end up hurting Hillary more than if she lost it.

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