And He’ll Probably Get Away With It Too

I’m fully expecting Mike Huckabee to hold a presser tomorrow claiming that he can deliver mild weather complete with all the sunshine you can take if you’ll only elect him president.  That’s how ridiculous his campaign has gotten.

Truth be told, it’s still kind of hard not to like the Huckster; that “aw shucks” persona of his can get infectious.  But just beneath that classic rock and apple pie veneer lies sheer madness that seems almost at home with the famous quips that have gone viral about a famous supporter of his.

After his absolute failure to grasp foreign policy in even its most rudimentary form, after promising to change the Constitution to be more in line with the “word of the Living God”, he’s now promising to make all illegal immigrants in this country go away.


Gone.  And all you need is a nine point plan to make it happen, just vote for the Huck, and all those job stealing, serial raping Messkins are gone for good.  Why hasn’t anyone else come up with this idea before?

Well, it’s possible that there have been similar proposals in the past, I wouldn’t know.  What I do know is that a) the chances of something on the level of what Huckabee is proposing actually being signed into law without having to negotiate a congress in the control of the opposition as well as possible filibusters and other parliamentary procedures to keep a bill from landing on his desk are astronomical and b) it still wouldn’t work.

We’re talking influx and outflux here, and I still stand by the assertion that the illegal immigration problem will not be solved by sealing up the borders and deporting as many illegal immigrants as you can find alone.  All of this stuff proposed primarily by Republicans is at its heart band aid stuff that doesn’t even glance in the direction of the major factors that cause the problem.

In short, I’ll take someone who is talking about fixing immigration seriously when they start talking about the Mexican government and working on solutions that will allow a country rich in resources to start providing a lifestyle for its citizens that will prevent them from so desperately looking for a better life over here.

And all of this coming just two months after Huckabee seemed to be so clearly on the other side of the immigration debate as though now that he realizes that he has the attention of Republican voters, it’s time to start pandering his way to a pretty GOP picture.

And that, of course, is what all of this is, baseless, banal pandering at perhaps its most translucent.  Thing is, and Republicans, I truly feel sorry about this for you, given Huck’s luck over the past couple of months, he’ll probably get away with it too.

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  1. TLB says:

    Try and do some research first. The idea behind the plan he signed on to is to encourage illegal aliens to leave on their own by drying up the jobs and non-emergency benefits. Those who provide false choices or who engage in race-baiting are enabling the Mexican government to continue doing what it’s been doing.

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