And He’s Got Some Choice Real Estate On A Swamp He Wants To Sell You, Too

For me, one of the saddest things about this campaign season has to do with Bill Clinton.  I like Bill, I really do, and all his flaws aside, I still managed to have a decent amount of respect for the guy.  But as the democratic primaries continue on, I’m seeing more and more of our former president that I don’t really like.

And all of this is a result of somewhere along the line, the Hillary camp decided it was okay to take the political leash off of Bill Clinton.  After the hit in September, we had heard whispers that Bill was getting a little hot under the collar, that he was blaming the campaign for not hitting Barack Obama hard enough, and that was what was letting the upstart from Illinois back into the game.

And then those whispers stopped as Bill become a significantly more prominent figure in the Clinton campaign.  Since then, while abstaining from maybe the drug battle (for I think Bill Clinton would be very ill-advised to jump into the drug argument against Obama more so than anyone else), the former president has been in the thick of virtually every proxy battle being waged against the Obama campaign.

What’s worse is that he’s not even showing the political prowess that once earned him the title of the most gifted politician of a generation.

The latest flap in what is quickly turning into a hefty pile of duds is the charge that Barack Obama is actually the establishment candidate, leaving me, and I’m sure a whole host of others, in a state of utter incredulity.  This assertion is justified by the fact that it was Obama who managed to carry the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union, thusly casting Hillary as the establishment underdog in Nevada.  But as MSNBC points out, Hillary has long held an organizational and establishment advantage over Obama particularly in the Silver State.

Nor does her roots in the Democratic party establishment stop there.  As Joe Gandelman illustrates, there is a particular sort of irony when a former two term president whose own apparatus essentially took over the party and whose wife is now a prominent member of the party is calling the other guy the establishment candidate.  This is the pot calling the kettle black on a level rarely seen, especially when the kettle is closer to a dark gray.

The fact is, this isn’t merely misdirection, hyperbole, or even a bald-faced lie.  It’s not very good politics.

I understand the game; it’s low expectations intended to energize Hillary voters come election day, and serve as damage control should she lose Nevada.  But typically when playing the game of low expectations, there has to be truth to it.  You play up the opponents strengths, you minimize talk of your own strengths.  You point to hard, verifiable data that courts your narrative, and you brush by counter arguments.

You don’t make stuff up out of thin air.  People won’t buy it.

And if they do, well, I’m sure Bill has some real estate he wants to talk to you about as well.

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  1. lil7 says:

    Good luck with timing the market.


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