Bill Clinton: Go The Fuck Home! (part II)

Ah, well, it’s over.  With nearly all districts reporting, Barack Obama creamed Hillary in South Carolina by 28 points, with county by county coverage showing that Obama has come away with all but three counties (one of which was undecided at the time of this writing).

And he did it with a significantly stronger margin than the polls were predicting.

Of course, a big portion of the story when it comes to South Carolina is of course the part that Bill Clinton played in the Palmetto State’s contest. Bill, the one time benevolent party elder loved by most Democrats, had transformed into bloodless axe man, ready to go after Obama on anything and everything.

Now, up until this moment, while my respect for the man was declining, I still harbored some hope that I would be able to look up to the former president. Part of this was because I was willing to give him a pass on one important aspect; playing the race card. Now I had heard the “fairytale” quote in context, and thought that claiming that was a racial knock was not just a bit of a stretch, but a giant stretch that required not only a leap of the imagination, but also temporarily going very deaf.

That, unfortunately doesn’t explain the following video clip which I expect will be among the most viewed YouTube political clips in the coming days (h/t Andrew Sullivan):

To which, the only way that could not be construed as playing a race card of some kind is if the former president preceded that quote with “I would be retarded to say…”, or “Now, I never played the race card, but you could accuse me of it if I said something like…”

But this is the path the Clintons have chosen; destruction at all cost, unfortunately, data from South Carolina is showing us that the cost may just be a little too much to bear. A majority of South Carolina voters said the former president’s role played a part in their decision making process, and of those, 48% said that his attacks led them to support Obama, while only 37% went for Hillary.

So, again, I offer my sincere advice to the Clinton campaign. Bill, go the fuck home.

Though, I suppose you won’t find me crying in my Wheaties if they ignore me again.

7 Responses to “Bill Clinton: Go The Fuck Home! (part II)”

  1. Terry says:

    They only know how to play the game one way. And fortunately, South Carolina didn’t fall for it.

    How great was Barack’s speech tonight 🙂

  2. Barack’s speech was awesome, and I actually got a little goosebumps when he got on his “Don’t tell us we can’t” riff.

  3. Mrs.Linder-Phoenix says:

    Blacks elected President Clinton as the first black president for his work and understanding of issues facing the black community in the US, and throughout the world. How soon blacks tear down their own black president. Again black on black crime. Those Clinton’s are real racists now but not when they were upfront helping the black communities, one of the reasons republicans hated President Clinton for.

    With the god-like powers blacks expect from Obama, let’s watch how soon they will tear down saint Obama. If a woman or hispanic would have dared run for president on just slogans and a thin resume like Obama, he/she would have been laughed out the door. Let’s face it, Governor Richardson has 300% more experience than Obama and he did not win. Yet, the Hispanic community is not up in arms insulting anybody, playing the white men’s guilt or playing the racist game. Blacks need to chill down. I’m a democrat by birth and will not vote for Obama out of guilt. Go Ron Paul!

  4. Ah yes, and the last three words of your comment explain everything.


  5. paul m. says:

    I am a white centrist democrat who is really pissed at Bill. I supported him against the “vast right wing conspiracy.” However, his role in S.C. makes we believe that all the stuff that Hanity and Rush say about him is true. His comments after SC when asked why it took two Clintons to beat Obama and he immediatedly went to race card reminded me of Lee Atwater who tried to attach Jackson and Dukukis at the hip in 1988 when he refered to Duke/Jackson ticket. I know there is a video clip out there is very similar to Bills clip from Saturday.

  6. What, a video with Lee Atwater? I can try and dig it up tonight or tomorrow when I’m working on a machine that doesn’t firewall youtube.

  7. Michelle Frias says:

    This illustrates how corrupt the Clintons really are. As a Hispanic American, this is very disturbing to me..Bill and Hillary are disgusting to me and my friends for what he did.


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