Bullshit Infraction, Loss Of Ten Yards, Repeat 2nd Down!

Now, I’ve a little confession to make, I’m not exactly the biggest Taylor Marsh fan out there.  The reasoning is pretty simple; I realize I’m a shill, I’ve always been a shill, and will therefore cut shills as bad as me a little bit of slack.  On the other hand, those who make me look like a positively objective observer by comparison drive me batshit insane.

I also want to point out for the record that from the very first moment, while others were saying that the whole “Fairytale” quote from Bill Clinton was race baiting, despite where I stand in this race, I did the intellectually honest thing and said that that was stretching things a little bit.

You see, this is where Taylor and I are different.

Taking a quick look at memeorandum, it’s not hard to see that the top political story for most of the day has been Senator Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama.  Now, I expected some conservatives to balk at this a little bit, and they have, to be sure, but what I didn’t expect was for parts of the liberal base to get up in arms, but that is exactly what happened.

Specifically, the New York chapter of NOW.  That group sent out, to put it lightly, a scathing statement against Ted Kennedy the group believed betrayed all women everywhere.  Now, in my mind, this is the equivalent of Bill Clinton’s “fairytale” moment.  Did Kennedy sidewise take Hillary to task, sure he did, but it wasn’t because she was a woman, and in fact, he did something completely unnecessary and commended both John Edwards and Hillary Clinton, and even went so far as to say that he would support either one of them in the General Election.

In no way did he even come close to saying he didn’t think she wasn’t fit to be president because she was a woman.  In fact, he didn’t even say she was unfit to be president.  He didn’t even directly criticize her politics, though if you read between the lines it’s not too hard to read that he thinks BOTH Clintons have employed some pretty shady tactics and he’s none too pleased with it.

And last I checked, Bill Clinton was a man, in fact, that’s kinda what got him into a spot of trouble towards the end of his presidency.  Yes, the speech was a rebuke of the Clinton’s, but you would have to stretch things INCREDIBLY thin to think it was a sexist rebuke.

Any reasonable person could see that, right?

Oh no… after calling groups like NOW and NARAL a little too militant for her taste, Taylor Marsh fires up her ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome), and let’s it loose on the man she says she respects ever so deeply.

Taylor, look, I’m throwing down the bullshit flag right here.  The man chose to back another candidate and he did so in part because he didn’t particularly like the political tactics coming from the Clinton campaign.  If you want to debate those merits, or the merits of what he said in his endorsement, have at.

But you’re twisting what is an attack on Hillary’s political style into a gender attack, which simply isn’t the case.  You’re playing the gender card, and you’re doing it far more shamelessly than I’ve seen anyone play either the race or gender card thus far, and that’s pretty bad.

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