Canada Says No to Torture

UPDATE:  Jean MacKenzie, the Afghanistan country director for the Institute of War and Peace, has this Op Ed in the NYT about declining security situation in Afghanistan.  Then, today, we have this report on American soldiers who unfortunately and mistakenly opened fire on Afghan security forces resulting in the deaths of “at least nine Afghan police officers and a civilian.”

Original Post: In a good news/bad news story, the New York Times reports that the Canadian military has stopped turning over detainees to the Afghanistan government. This was done after Canadian monitors found that prisoners were being tortured and abused.

Good on the Canucks.

The bad news – this is in Afghanistan. This is the place the vast majority of Americans supported invading and engaging in nation building. After more than 6 years, the government we helped establish is torturing and abusing prisoners. This is just another indication that we took our eyes off of Afghanistan and haven’t done the job right.

Shame on us.

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