Chaotic Conditions In South Carolina

In a follow up to this earlier post which tracked that thus far voter turn out in South Carolina has been relatively light, we’re getting news now that not only are conditions such that might result in continued light turn out, but there are other irregularities as well.

Per the State, weather may only be one of the external factors that affects the fate of the South Carolina Republican primary, though it is not wise to discount weather completely.  As I hinted earlier, we’re expecting some snow here in the South, and for the Palmetto State, that means the non sticky in some regions, while up North some places are expected to get 1 to 2 inches of accumulation.

Now, for you coming from those states up by Cannuckistan, that may not sound like much, but you have to keep in mind what we’re used to (I’m a little further up north in Virginia, but Virginia and South Carolina have comparable climates).  Snow is uncommon in this area, once every other year or so, and even then it’s not guaranteed to stick.  As a result, just a thin sheet of snow on the ground can be as catastrophic as 4-10 feet in Wisconsin.  Politically, you will see turn out driven into the dirt based partly on low tolerance for cold weather, and partly on traffic conditions.

When people don’t drive in the snow all the time, just a little bit of snow is enough to turn them into the most dangerous or cautious drivers on the planet (Except for taxis in Egypt.  The closest I ever came to literally soiling my pants out of fear came as a result of stepping foot of a taxi cab in Egypt).

But this is only a part of the problems plaguing South Carolinians hoping to vote today.  Not only are they going to have to brave uncommonly cold and nasty weather conditions, some South Carolinians are finding that they drive to their polling place only to find it has moved.

Or, that the voting machines are malfunctioning.

In short, it’s looking like South Carolina voting today is going to be a mess.  As is the case whenever that happens what you’ll find is the independent and cross party support is going to be driven down, and that spells trouble for John McCain, and should be something that Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson revel in completely.

With McCain relying on independents and moderates, and Mitt not even in the state, if overall voting conditions continue to be this ugly, it is more than possible that tonight we’ll be seeing Huckabee, then Thompson, then McCain.

2 Responses to “Chaotic Conditions In South Carolina”

  1. Macswain says:

    Sounds like divine intervention.

  2. If God’s really on Huck’s side, I’m going Buddhist.

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