Clinton’s Records

We’ve heard the story over and over again.  In fact, I’ve heard it so many times that the number 35 has been pounded into my head.  35 years, that’s how much experience Hillary Clinton has.  Never mind her elected political life didn’t even start until 2000 (three years after Obama’s first election win).  Still… 35 years.  That’s what we have to go on.

35 years.

Of course, the crux of that magical thirty-five year period is supposed to be the time that Mrs. Clinton spent as the first lady in the White House from 1993 to 2001.  It was here that she gained so much White House experience that she is ready to lead the nation “from day one” as she likes to say.  This of course ignores the simple fact that due to term limits and a thing known as the Constitution, the only person who doesn’t need on the job training is an incumbent.  And by this I mean a real incumbent, not the psuedo incumbent that Hillary has been running as.

But that’s the deal.  Hillary Clinton is attempting to sell to us this snake oil story that her experience as a first lady makes her ready to be a president.  My stepfather is in the agriculture business and I lived with him for a few years, this makes me a great candidate to go and sell fertalizer and tractors, right?  Right?  (Actually, no, I know nothing about agricultural stuff which is made worse given the fact that I did live on a farm for a while).

The ludicrous thing about this is that looking back, there have been two highly public instances where Hillary Clinton actually acted as a high profile and proactive figure in the White House.  The first was her foray into universal healthcare, but she failed at that, and not just failed, but it was her specific involvement that not only killed the issue, but took it off the table for fifteen years.  The second was her role in trying to defend her husband in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Now, I’m a big believer in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, being something of a moonbat myself, but it turned out that the one time Hillary tried to pawn it off on them, she was wrong.

That’s about it, everything else is tied up in the National Archives.  These records would back up the claim that Hillary actually did receive the experience in the White House necessary to make her a viable presidential candidate, so why aren’t we reading how great of a first lady she was right now?

Well, the Clintons tell us they really want us to have them, but the National Archives is slowing them down.  The National Archives, strangely enough, are saying the same thing.  In some cases, Bush is blamed, though why he would care one way or another is beyond me.  But as Tom Fitton pointed out a few weeks ago, it’s looking much more like the Clinton’s are gaming the system, hiding their records while at the same time making it look as though they’re doing everything they can to get them out to us.  He further notes that a district court judge has negated a portion of an executive order which allows these documents to be held indefinitely, a clause the Clinton’s appear to be leaning upon.

A lawsuit was filed and recently some records were released showing how the hamhanded ways of the Clintonistas hamstrung the fight for universal healthcare, however, there are millions of records that we will not see before Hillary Clinton is elected…

…and she says she’s vetted.

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