Clinton’s Win In Nevada Not Looking Like Such A Good Thing

Nor, talking about Nevada as a clean win.  Yes, Hillary came out of Nevada as the victor, but it may turn out that Nevada will be ultimately not good for her.  No, it’s beginning to look as though Hillary’s win in Nevada may end up hurting her more than helping.

Not long after putting out a statement that accused the Obama campaign of playing dirty tricks, we’re now getting some news that perhaps the Clinton folks weren’t exactly all sweet and innocent themselves.  Marc Ambider reports that there are at least 200 voter irregularity reports-these dealing a lot with folks from the Clinton campaign.

In this Daily Kos diary, an Obama precinct captain details a laundry list of instances where the Clinton campaign allegedly used some pretty cheap tactics to keep Obama voters from casting their votes.  Now, so far everyone is saying that even if these stories are all true, the end results are not likely to flip, but that’s not the point.  It’s one thing to accuse the other guy of playing dirty, or to play dirty yourself.  But to actually accuse the other guy of doing what you yourself are doing… well… that’s pretty heinous.

 Oh, and that’s not all.  Per Ben Smith’s blog, it’s also looking like there were some robocalls in Nevada trashing “Barack Hussein Obama”.  I mean, if you’re going to go, why not go all out and call him, “Barack Hussein Osama”?  It’s punchier. 

Not as though winning the overall popular vote seems to have helped Hillary much.  Yeah, she gets the headlines for as long as they last, but as Chris Cillizza points out, it’s beginning to look as though she lost the delegate race.  If the tabulations are true, that would mean that Obama walks out of Nevada with 13 delegates, and Clinton with 12.

Finally, Clinton receives a bad omen considering the upcoming South Carolina primary set to occur a week from today.  While Clinton beat Obama among women and Latinos, Obama won a wopping 80% of the black vote.  This is significant because it improves upon a trend we saw in New Hampshire, and will have an impact in South Carolina where experts project that fifty percent of the Democratic voters heading to the polls a week from today are African America.

But if you think black voters are ready to stand behind Obama now, see what happens if these allegations about voter suppression against Clinton turn out to be true.

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