Could Richardson Be Endorsing Barack Friday?

This could be huge, and a major H/T to Terry from PositivelyBarack for mentioning this.  As Terry makes mention in the comments to the post linked to, Barack Obama has just recently announced a couple of scheduled campaign stops on Friday in New Mexico.  Right now, New Mexico is looking like one of those Super Tuesday states where he’s got the advantage, which means that perhaps his energy might be best focused on states where Hillary has a slim lead and he can dig into it.

Now it’s possible that he’s shoring up his support in New Mexico, which I think would be a waste (and if that’s the case… rare obama criticism moment… dumb dumb dumb).  On the other hand, let’s not forget that Bill Richardson has said he might endorse by the end of this week, in other words, tomorrow.  Where will Hillary be tomorrow?  No clue, she has nothing scheduled.

At this point, I would say there’s a 75% chance Bill’s going to endorse Obama tomorrow.

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