Despicable Musharraf Plays “Blame the Victim”

In a stunning statement that echoes the antiquated notion of blaming women for being raped depending upon how they are dressed, Pakistan’s head of the oligarchical ruling party, Pervez Musharraf, claims “only” Benazir Bhutto is to blame for hear violent assasination.


Here’s what Musharraf said in an interview with CBS’s Lara Logan:


“And the mistake she made, if I understand you correctly, was stopping?” Logan asks.

“Yes. But then the mistake was not that,” Musharraf says. “I mean, God was kind — she went into the car in spite of the fact that she was waving and all that. She did go into the car. Now is the point. Why did she stand outside the car?”

“Why did she stand up in the hatch?” Logan asks.

“Entirely. Who’s to blame?” Musharraf replies.

Asked who is to blame, Musharraf says, “Only she.”

“So Benazir Bhutto, in your words, should bear some responsibility for what took place for her own death?” Logan asks.

“For standing up outside the car, I think it was she to blame alone. Nobody else. Responsibility is hers,” Musharraf says.


Listen, buddy. When you and yours have complete control of the country’s security apparatus and you are charged with bringing free and fair elections to your country, you are responsible to make sure that opposition candidates can safely campaign.


The Musharraf government is, at a minimum, passively or secondarily responsible for Bhutto’s death. The more lies and twisted logic I hear from Musharraf and his cronies, the more I’m apt to believe their involvement in the assassination wasn’t merely passive.


Here’s another question I haven’t seen elsewhere: Are we to believe that the one time she stopped it was just coincidentally at the exact time the one gunman/bomber team was by her car or were there teams like this located throughout the route she was traveling? If so, are we to believe all these bomber/gunmen just happened to slip through Pakistani security?

2 Responses to “Despicable Musharraf Plays “Blame the Victim””

  1. phoebes says:

    Well, I have to say that my first thought upon hearing about the assasination was “Why in hell did she stand up and poke her body through the sunroof?” I mean, that was spectacularly stupid.

  2. Macswain says:

    Thanks, Phoebes. That’s exactly the type of thinking dictators like Musharaff must love. Don’t provide security for opposition leaders and then question why they would campaign to win an election.

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