Hillary Hate Backfires in Hampshire

So it turns out that big turnout in support of Obama was not the big story, but, instead, it was last-minute deciders going for Hillary.

As with Gore in 2000, many in the media have run amok with their bizarre personal views of a candidate; this time it’s Hillary hatred.  It seems that many people in New Hampshire felt – as I did all the way on the West Coast – that Hillary was being treated unfairly and, more, she is a better candidate for President than the media gives her credit.

Overall, I found both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary exciting.  Obama and Hillary are two great candidates and I look forward to further discussions on their policy differences but cringe as I’m sure we’ll see more media follies.  One tip for the Clinton supporters – more Hillary, less Bill.  We don’t need the Obama fairy tale rhetoric.

I feel the biggest loser last night was John Edwards – he shot himself in the foot when he tried to exploit Hillary’s show of emotion.

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