I Tried To Watch The Republican Debate So You Didn’t Have To…

…but I kind of failed.  Nothing important came up, and I even had the feed with the reaction bar superimposed over the candidates set up.  But when a friend came by my office to chat, I gratefully took it as an excuse to ignore what was going on. I’m sorry, Republicans still having convservative pissing matches doesn’t impress me, and often times things they talk about as good things will depress me.

There were some things I did notice, for one, Romney and McCain seemed to get a bulk of the time, while Huckabee was still playing his, “Hey guys, I’m still here, you can ask me questions about stuff other than Religion” shtick, and Ron Paul was the guy who used his time to repeat the basic planks of his platform.  For more on this, I would check the Fix, one of my go to sources especially for the debates that I missed.

From what I have taken in, it’s difficult for me to declare a winner and a loser.  Remember I think most of these guys are nuts, but a memorable exchange early on leads me to believe that Romney may have had the edge.  McCain was using statistics to pound Romney’s record, and when he was done, Romney laughed, delivered some quip about how facts are quirky or sticky, or something like that, and then basically fact checked McCain into Oblivion.  It was an interesting moment, and one that played well I think to Romney who not only looked to be more in command of the facts, but also looked more than capable of defending himself, and, I hate to say it, also looked younger and more vivacious than McCain.

But how much could it really matter?  One thing that hurts Romney is McCain’s refusal to a one on one debate, a debate that gets rid of the white noise of lower tiered candidates and really focuses on just the two of them.  The other is that McCain’s momentum is meteoric right about now.  He’s won three early primaries, including the most recent and very tightly contested Florida, Rudy Giuliani, once the frontrunner of the Republican contest, dropped out and endorsed McCain yesterday, and today it’s expected that the Governator will also come out to endorse McCain.

Granted, both Ah-nuld and Hizzoner are questionable figures within the Republican party, kinda like the weird cousins you’ll claim when they do something right, but whistle and pretend they don’t exist when they start acting… well… more like themselves.  But Ah-nuld still enjoys high approval ratings in critical California, and as for Rudy, well, he may still be the frontrunner if he had only just, you know, put forth an effort in the early states.

So, thinks just keep turning McCain’s way.  I think Romney is probably the more gifted politician, but the burble on the streets seems to be coming up McCain, and it’s probably for electability issues, and to be honest, I can’t entirely disagree with that.

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