McCain Wins Florida

CNN’s calling it, McCain is the projected winner of the Sunshine State.  With 55% reporting, McCain walks away with all 57 delegates, besting Romney at least for now with a 36-32% lead in the hotly contested state.

As for the rest of the field, Giuliani is at 15%, Huckabee 13%, and Ron Paul (if anyone cares) is finishing off at 3% further confirming that he doesn’t even show the potential to be a decent third party candiate.

Quick sidebar on Ron Paul after the fold.

Ron Paul’s performance thus far provides me a little guilty pleasure given that it validates much of the professional polling data tracking his progress, as well as the lunacy of the EVOL lunatics who are so fond of discounting actual poll results, as though internet polls were in any way scientific and indicative of the electorate.


Okay, that out of the way, let’s do talk about what really matters.

Giuliani’s done for, but then, as I pointed out several times before, the only people who seemed oblivious to this fact are Rudy Giuliani and his campaign staff.  This state also essentially ends Huck’s hunt if South Carolina didn’t do that already (which, actually, it did).

Thus Florida confirms what has been buzzing around the political wires for a week or so; this is a two man race between McCain and Romney, and right now the advantage goes to McCain.

But I’m wary of calling this a huge advantage for McCain.  One thing that will govern how much McCain can take away from this will be the final numbers.  If McCain’s lead continues to broaden, then yes this could result in a large bounce.  But if Romney stays within four points throughout, I think Romney has a perfect platform to call this a close race, a well fought race, and given McCain’s surge in Florida over recent weeks, one that Romney was always the underdog for.

Still, at this point, the path to the Republican nomination does seem to be far steeper for Romney than McCain who leads in national polls.  (Note: Pollster finally has up polling data for all the February fifth states for your perusal, check it out to start figuring out how the candidates are going to game Super Duper Tuesday)

Helluva night for politics, and you can expect things to get absolutely nuts in the next seven days and you know where to go to keep track of it all.  (um… that would be here… just to make sure you weren’t confused)

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  1. matttbastard says:

    County-by-county breakdown of the vote over @ the Washington Post’s site.

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