Mike Mukasey=Winner

Man, I am so glad that Democrats decided to capitulate on Mike Mukasey.  I’m sorry, I was totally wrong about him, and all of my fears about how he would be too much like any other Bushite (ie. overly secretive, too prone to expand the powers of the Executive branch, and eager to thumb his nose at congress) were totally unfounded.


As long as I remain emotionally detached from what’s going on, I can see the entire Mukasey-Waterboarding situation as the hillarious episode that it is.  I mean, come on, that’s comic gold right there; Democrats get all up in airs because Mukasey refuses to call waterboarding legal or illegal, but eventually the Democrats cave, hoping for all hope’s worth that he falls on the right side of the issue, and then, all of a sudden, WHAMMO!  Mike does exactly what everyone in the world thought he would do.

He goes and says Waterboarding’s fine!

Or not.  It’s tricky because apparently he can’t discuss with lawmakers whether or not waterboarding breaks the laws that they write because that’s classified information.  Oh, but that’s not even the funniest part.  The funniest bit is that if he himself were waterboarded, Mukasey says he would probably think it was torture which would then make it illegal.

Anyone else thinking the same thing I’m thinking right about now?

Man, this is so damn funny…


…it’s real.


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