MSNBC Projects Romney

Chalk that up as another state down, and a zanier Republican race than ever.

He did it.  After getting burned in the two early states he was supposed to win, Mitt Romney finally cashed in on a big early state win, keeping his presidential bid alive, and mucking up the GOP contest worse than ever.

While voters pointed to the economy as the number one issue by a vast margin, what really set the pace for Romney’s lead was low independent and Democratic turnout which had the effect of taking the wind out of surging John McCain’s sails.

With Republicans primarily voting in the Republican primaries, the establishment candidate was clearly in favor.

But while Mitt is currently enjoying a much needed victory (I’d heard a rumor that he was contemplating dropping out should he have lost Michigan), he will not be able to do it in the face of two of his biggest opponents, John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

Both candidates have already headed South to the Palmetto State to prepare for the voting that will be taking place this weekend there.

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