Obama and Biden

As the Iowa Caucuses kick off now, there’s yet another rumor running through the wires and this combined with the deal that the Obama camp cut with the Richardson camp gives one at least the impression that Obama understands how Iowa works.

I’ve remarked time and time again that I thought that Senator Joe Biden and Senator Barack Obama are actually friends.  You truly get that impression.  Unfortunately, I’m a little disappointed that Joe hasn’t come out with an eleventh hour announcement that he was dropping out of the race and throwing his support behind Obama, but the two apparent friends have cut what could be a significant deal that definitely shows in Obama’s favor.

The thing to keep in mind is that for Biden, he has no prayer of even getting into the top three.  As  a result, the best he could hope for is a strong third finish that allows him to set up the narrative that he’s the alternative to the big three.  But for that to be the case, he can’t afford Gov. Richardson finishing better than him tonight.

As a result, the word on the streets is that there is a compact in the making that would toss Biden supporters Obama’s way in those districts where Biden can’t make the 15% requirements while in those districts where Obama will have overflow support, he’s going to send that overflow support over to the Biden camp to help keep him in the game from Richardson.

Thus, what we see is that while Edwards may be winning in second choice polling, we’re also going to see the two strongest candidates not likely to meet the 15% benchmark doing what they can to guide their supporters to Obama’s corner.

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