Prediction Fever

According to the MSNBC countdown timer there’s just over an hour left until the caucuses begin.  Now, I’ve already made my predictions for tonight which you can go and review here, but let’s go and take a look around the horn to see what others are saying will be the results of the night.

Our buddies over at the Newshoggers have resurrected an old drinking bet on the Iowa primary, and you can catch all of their predictions here (I happen to be a fan of Fester’s predictions for obvious reasons).

Over at Captain’s Quarters, me and Captain Ed agree on the Democratic side; Obama, Edwards, Clinton.  We happen to disagree on the Republican side, though, and he thinks that Huck’s momentum will hold leaving the top three as Huck, Romney, then McCain.

Election Projection is very similar in their predictions as the Captain with one exception; they think that Fred will pick up the magical “surprise” third place spot as opposed to McCain.

Writing for the Rolling Stones, Tim Dickinson has a couple of out there predictions including an Edwards landslide, and Ron Paul overtaking McCain.  He also seems to be on my side in saying that despite the recent Huckabee surge, Romney’s going to come out of tonight Iowa’s number one Republican.

The Fix weighs in, also, taking a consensus of political opinion makers and pollsters, and Chris Cillizza comes up with Obama and Mitt taking the prize from their respective parties, but the story that will take us into the New Hampshire primary will be that of McCain’s return to prominence.

And for more, you can check out Kevin Sullivan over at Real Clear Blogs who’s got some more scoop and pregame goodies for ya.

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