Sebelius’ Good Timing

Apparently Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas’ Democratic governor, has been behind Obama for some time, but she’s choosing tomorrow or the next day to announcement.  Maybe this is to give Obama maximum bump heading into Super Tuesday, or maybe it’s just because, I don’t know, Governor Sebelius is slated to deliver the Democratic rebuttal to President Bush’s State of the Union tonight.

Sebelius, who made headlines last Spring by taking Bush to task for stretching the National Guard thin and thus preventing it from responding in full force to natural disasters such as the devestating tornadoes that hit her state, seems to be on the rise.  She’s cruising to an easy reelection, and the whole State Of The Union rebuttal is no small honor and opportunity.

And this is one opportunity that she seems unwilling to let go to waste.  While the spotlight is on her, she’s going to do what she can to shed some of it Obama’s way by joining a rather rapid succession of endorsements for Obama in a short period of time, including the Kennedy’s and the Seattle Times.

(h/t shoutingmatch and memeorandum)

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