Showdown In The Sunshine State

Here we go, last primary before Super Duper Ginormous Hugantic Tuesday, and on the Republican side of the house, you can hear the funeral bells playing for one who once soared so high.  Meanwhile, on the Democratic side of the house there’s really not much reason to pay attention.  Delegates have been suspended for breaking party rules, and all candidates have pledged not to campaign in the state.  Hilllary Clinton does have a significant lead in the state, but one could hardly make any significance from this given that the candidates were prevented from changing this fact.

So, as much as I get to come on and write today, I’m going to focus m coverage of Florida on the Republicans.

Now, the weather in Florida should be goreous, warm, without a cloud in the sky, which means you’re not going to have voter turnout restricted based upon inclimate weather, and this is typically good news for McCain.  But one thing to remember is that Romney has also shot up out of nowhere and now the two are neck and neck in a race that’s two close to call.  Pollster’s giving the edge right now to Romney and I’m going to tentatively jump in on that prediction.

It’s a tough call.  The conditions are right for high moderate turnout, but I also think my Stepdad may be right in his belief that McCain’s not going to win closed primaries.  That’s going to be a function of how much party Republicans are willing to swallow their pride vote McCain, and I think we’re going to have a solid indicator of that today.

But that’s not the only neck and neck race going on.  We also have Rudy and Huck in a no holds bard, slobberknocker for the title of King of the Basement!  While the Huckster is showing no sign of flagging, as I hit up yesterday, Rudy’s either hinted at dropping out, or is mentally insane.  When he declares, “In the past I’ve done the impossible,” that only kinda validates my gut feeling that Rudy’s a little nuts.

You don’t get it, do you Rudy?  If you did it, it wasn’t impossible… you know… because it was possible… and… oh nevermind.

But Rudy’s deluding himself on a greater scale.  He’s pinnedall of his hopes on one state, and it’s not just one or two polls that have him dead and buried, but ALL of them, and there’s a huge heaping stack.  I know polls are sometimes wrong, and sometimes polls are overly sensitive to certain momentum shifts, but at this point in time, the polling data on Rudy’s position is solid enough I would take it for gospel.

It’s game over for Rudy, and hopefully he’ll recognize that come tonight or tomorrow morning.  Otherwise, his continued presence in the race will just be kinda sad and pathetic, like the kid at the party who wears clothes from twenty years ago and thinks they’re super cool, but just doesn’t seem to get that they aren’t anymore.  I mean, Idon’t think I’ll be able to make fun of Rudy anymore…

Okay, maybe that was a bit much.

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