Something Light For A Saturday Night: Ante Up

I find myself in a bit of a tough spot today. Usually, Saturdays are when we lighten up, take the focus off of politics, and have a little musical fun. Unfortunately, there are three primary contests going on in the presidential race, so it’s not your average Saturday. Luckily, because two of the contests occur in Nevada, I think I know how to deal with.

Now, I’m not a fan of The King, but there are three songs of his that I happen to like, and lucky you, we’re going to listen to two of them (well, sorta, the second is going to be a mash up, but that’s okay. So without further ado, a little homage to the city of Lost Wages:

Okay, let’s make that just two Elvis songs I actually like, and one’s a mash up, so to be honest there’s only one, and we’re not going to cover that one, but that’s all beside the point. Moving on.

Alright, that’s it, no more King… Still, there are other artists that you can’t help but associate with Sin City:

Of course, Las Vegas isn’t all about the music acts. Like politics, it’s all about how to play the games. You know how to play the game, you can get far in this world, if you don’t… Well, that’s where the washouts and Walter Mondale’s go. You know, you got to know when to fold em…

Okay, that’s about enough from me.

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