Something Light for a Saturday Night: California Dreamin’

Kyle set the vibe for 2night with his slew of California music picks. Having spent numerous years in Cali myself, I’m more than happy to ride along.

My first pick is from California native Ben Harper and it represents one vibe I predominately associate with California – and I’m not talking about the literal vibe. I’m talking about the laid back feel of the tune and the live-and-let-live attitude expressed in the tune.

In my experience, it seems common to consider a person’s hometown as the place where they got their high schoolin’. Under this standard, my hometown is just down the road from Kyle’s Stockton; a place I share with this great band — Cake!!! Here’s one of the best videos ever and all the folks in it remind me of my California homies.  [UPDATE: Fuckin’ Sony/BMG has it set up so you can’t embed this clip … so click here to see it.]

Aww shit! I just can’t break the Cake/Cali vibe. How can I not post a Cake video with Riick James – a man originally from Buffalo, New York (the antithesis of California), but who really didn’t get his freak fully on until he got to Hollywood.

Finally, for anyone Winterin’ anywhere in America other than Southern California, this is a must:

One Response to “Something Light for a Saturday Night: California Dreamin’”

  1. Antonette says:

    I just had to add my California Dreamin’ to the list

    Thanks for the fun post. I’ll have to check out California to see exactly what Kyle was talking about.

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