Sometimes Being Right Sucks

One would think I would take some solace in pretty much calling the Nevada caucus, but there’s little joy I can take in watching Hillary’s victory.  Yeah, CNN projects Hillary as the winner with 52% reporting and an eight point lead over Obama.  And so this episode in the Democratic presidential primary comes to a close with Hillary managing back to back victories.

The road to the Democratic presidential nomination goes next through South Carolina where Barack Obama has a sizeable lead.  With these two wins under Hillary’s belt now, though, it is not out of the realm of possibility for Hillary’s momentum to change in the week between now and the Palmetto state.

In the next few days you can expect Clinton to paint this as a come back win, and if she does, you can expect me to fact check and debunk that claim all into oblivion, meanwhile, if Obama is to minimize the effect of Nevada’s win for Hillary on South Carolina, it will be important for his camp to remind people that Clinton was always the favorite in Nevada.

It is also unknown exactly how the lawsuit and Clinton’s wild claims of voter disenfranchizement will have on the rest of the contest.

But I’m sure we’ll cover this and much more in the next seven days so be sure to stay tuned.

So far Romney and Clinton both win Nevada, leaving the South Carolina contest for the Republicans which will be decided later on this evening.  Remember, inclimate weather conditions, malfunctioning voting machines and moved polling locations has kept activity in South Carolina rather low today which I still say gives Huckabee a slight advantage, but anything can happen and that, as they say, is why they play the game.

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