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If you missed me today, I’m sorry.  I was either really busy today keeping me from keeping you up to date with what’s going on in the world of politics, or, I was taking my day off today as opposed to the weekend when I usually take my weekly respite from blogging.  Go on and pick whichever excuse you like better.

But don’t think the dry spell is going to last… oh no.  Tomorrow we got three presidential contests going on, and I’ll be right here keeping you up to date with what’s what, but before that, how about just a real quick preview?

We’ll go more in depth with the numbers and rationales, but for now, I’ll grace you good folks with a quick teaser.

1) Nevada Democrats:

It’s going to be a close one, but maybe not as close as you might think.  Despite the news stories flying around the Silver State, I’m looking at Hillary eking out considerable win there.  Also, look for her to not only take a state she is poised to win, but also trying to play it off like she caused an upset.  Obama’s not completely out of the race there, but his fortunes aren’t as cheery as you may think.

2) Nevada Republicans

Mitt’s got this one pretty well tied up.  The only other Republican even competitive in the state is Giuliani who hasn’t won any primaries yet and is focusing his efforts in Florida.  Also, let’s not forget that Nevada has a considerable Mormon population that’s going to do a lot of the leg work for him.

3) South Carolina Republicans

The Hucksters been on a pander streak, and has endeared himself to the homophobic bigots of the state.  But that’s not going to be enough to overcome the considerable momentum at McCain’s back.  The Maverick was done wrong in 2000, and the Palmetto state’s gonna makeit up to him tomorrow.


There are some caveats, at least to the Democratic race, and I’ll go more in detail in a few areas I believe warrants it, but for the most part, that’s the line.  I’ll catch you tomorrow, and if you’re in Nevada or South Carolina, get out there and vote!

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