That Didn’t Take Long At All

Well, I said the Clinton campaign was going to try and paint Nevada as a comeback story, one in which Hillary Clinton was the rogue underdog and Obama was the establishment candidate.  Indeed, Bill Clinton tried to convince voters of as much prior to the caucus, and now that Clinton has won Nevada handily, the campaign is already out there trying to convince people that she managed to win despite the fact that Obama was supposed to be the victor.

That would be the tone of this memo coming from the Clinton camp that emphasizes the endorsement of the Culinary Workers Union as well as their actions in the days leading up to the campaign.  It’s a funny thing, though, the memo makes no mention of Clinton’s own union endorsements (such as the NEA), nor of the considerable political clout she held in the state (such as Rory Reid being her campaign’s state chair).  But even after quoting the fliers and radio ads that made the claimsthat Hillary did not respect certain voters, the memo never goes into the event that led to those fliers and ads in the first place.

The lawsuit that Bill Clinton, acting as Surrogate in Chief, passionately defended.

Now, here’s what gets me; a second pattern coming from the Hillary campaign.  There is the pattern where she engages in mudslinging via surrogates and then apologies afterward.  Now it’s becoming a habit where she sets the bar so low for herself that when she clears it, it’s supposed to be some miraculous thing.

Think on that for a moment.  One candidate asks us to hope for that which is almost impossible and promises that should we come together and change the way in which we do things, we can attain it.  The other spends most of her time trying to convince us the mundane is unattainable, and then asks us to be inspired when she attains it.

Somehow, I find myself failing to be inspired.

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