The Bad News About Hillary’s “Win”

Seriously, just… pause for a moment and think, how on earth did this become the frontrunner of the Democratic party?

The punchline here is that Hillary is delivering a victory speech in a state that she wasn’t even supposed to play in, and had to kinda push the boundaries of cheating to win. Of course, the Clinton camp is calling this a huge victory, but of course she won. The other candidates were honoring their pledge not to campaign in the state. It’s like saying you’re an awesome boxer when the other boxer didn’t even show up for the ring, not because he was afraid of you, mind, but because the promoter told him the match was off.

Ah yes, Hillary Clinton, the Heavyweight Champion of… one.

And she even had to work for that, holding two fundraisers in the state which looked an awful lot like campaigning, thus allowing her to “trounce” her “rival” 50% to 33%.

But there’s bad news about Hillary’s so called “Win” in Florida. She only won the state with a seventeen point margin, this compared to the twenty five point margin polling trends were giving her. So, with her opponent’s hands tied behind his back, and she’s allowed to swing freely, Hillary still managed to do about eight points worse than expected.

How does that happen really?

The funniest, and I think the part that is really apt to make me sickest is the Clinton campaign’s desire to have Michigan and Florida reseated. Seriously, can you be any more blatant? There’s no conscience there. That’s what it is… I don’t think Clinton has a conscience.

This is kind of strange… end of article epiphany if you will… must research this more.

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