The Mukasey Stall

The breaking news is that the Justice Department has announced it will open a criminal probe into the destruction of the CIA interrogation tapes. Undoubtedly, this will be used to thwart any Congressional investigation. Again, the Bush administration will control the facts, spin and timing of a controversy.

Call me cynical if you will. Instead, I believe that this is just more of the same pattern we have seen for the last seven years. I expect the “objective” media will chose not to treat this announcement cynically but will, as always, treat it as another good faith effort by the administration to do a full and fair investigation.

UPDATE: Or maybe not … it appears that Mukasey has wisely appointed an independent prosecutor to handle the investigation. This will certainly delay any investigation for a long time and will keep the spin under wraps (remember, the “no discussing on-going investigations” bullshit). But it certainly takes control of the facts, atleast into the future, out of the hands of the Bushies. Let’s hope theappointed prosecutor isn’t colored by rightwing bias.

UPDATE NO. 2:  Apparently, the appointed prosecutor is neither “Special,” “Outside” nor “Independent.”  Mukasey still is in ultimate control.

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