The Richardson Factor

It’s Iowa day, and that means the predictions are going to come hard and fast as every sliver of news alters the dynamics of the oddity that is the Iowa caucus.  Up first is news that the Richardson campaign will be directing its supporters to Obama in those districts where the New Mexico governor fails to meet the 15% minimum viability requirements.

This is quite likely to happen given that Richardson has been polling at around 6% in Iowa, and it comes as a boon of good early news for the Obama campaign.  This is particularly true when you take into account that thus far the Edwards campaign, though polling worse than the Obama campaign, has enjoyed a second vote polling advantage over the rest of the Iowa front runners.

Unfortunately for Edwards, a victory for Obama seems to be the most beneficial for Richardson and thus kicking his support to Obama could act as an equalizer against Edwards’ second choice polling.  Almost as important is the number of entrained voters that could get caught up in a big push from Richardson to Obama.

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