The Silliest Of Arguments

She’s at it again.

The immigration debate in America today does have some valid points to discuss, for instance, the economics of the thing.  I’m not ceding ground here, don’t get me wrong, but the financial number crunching behind accepting millions upon millions of new citizens is something to be considered.

But then there are some arguments that are absolutely silly to watch in action.

My absolute favorite has to be those who take every instance of an illegal immigrant committing a crime, and using that as a key argument that the borders need to be shut down.  This as though the moment that a giant metal wall is constructed along our southern border and illegal immigrants are tagged and shot on sight would guarantee that crime in America would immediately cease.

That is a fairy tale, and I don’t need to look up numbers to tell you that the leading perpetuators of crime in America are, get this, Americans.

This of course doesn’t keep every anti-immigration champion from trotting out every news story about an illegal immigrant committing a crime and then using that as an argument that we must shut our borders down.

The ever odeous Madame Malkin does exactly this when she hauls out the case of Santana Batiz-Aceves, a twice deported serial rapist.  Now, I’m not one to minimize the significance of sex crimes, quite the contrary.  And what Batiz-Aceves did was absolutely heinous.  He should be tried and jailed for a very, very long time.

But to flaunt this in such a manner as Michelle does strikes me as ludicrous.  Yes, immigration should be reformed, but there are several things that we all must keep in mind when we sit at that table.  First, and this must never be forgotten, we are a nation of immigrants.  The only truly native peoples of this country were screwed royally by those Europeans that colonized this land.

Second, that our American society, just like any society on the planet, has criminals.  And not all of these criminals are the punk kids that you know were going to turn out bad right from kindergarten.  Thus, we should not be so quick to throw stones, and we must understand that as we welcome members of any society, there is the possibility that a few of them will come to our shores and do bad things.

But I’m glad to see that Michelle takes rape seriously, and wants justice for this horrible man who shattered so many lives.  Now, if we can only get her to start talking about the other hundreds of thousands of victims, forty percent of which were raped by acquaintances, and thirty percent of which were raped by someone with whom they were intimate, that would be something.

2 Responses to “The Silliest Of Arguments”

  1. Cernig says:

    Malkin – one of those who immediately questioned Jamie Leigh’s story. Ptooie.

    Regards, C

  2. Jane Doe says:

    Illegal in itself means “not legal” Why is it so hard to understand that “illegal” immigrants are committing a crime by being here? This is not a racial issue, or an immigration issue. It’s an issue of legality. Do it right, come here legally, but DO NOT COME HERE AND RAPE MY DAUGHTER! This could have been prevented, but it wasn’t. This man never should have made it to our country a 4th time. Yes, America has criminals, but why do we need illegal criminals from other countries too??? Again, with stricter border laws and practices, my daughter could have been spared this horrible nightmare.


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