This Waterboarding Sponsored By Mike Mukasey and Chuck Schumer

I got your number Chuck.  Don’t think I forgot.  At the appointed time when Democrats stood strong, you were the one who caved and made all this possible.  It was your “vote for justice” that pushed us backward in the fight against waterboarding, proving analogous to virtually every other fight of principle we try to win in congress.  We talk a good game, then, as we lurch off field with our tails tucked between our legs, we mumble some half hearted sentiment to make it look like we just got our asses kicked as bad as what happened.

Yeah Chuck, I’m blaming this on you.

I’m talking about, of course, the confirmation of Mike Mukasey as Attorney General.  Mukasey had, as is to be expected, a tricky confirmation process, but the moment he refused to answer a question on the legality of Waterboarding, that should have been the end.  Done.  Finished.  That is an example of those times when Democrats need to stand together and be stalwart.  Instead, Chuck Schumer caved and called his vote to confirm Mike Mukasey a “vote for justice”.  Matt has more on both the ugly Democratic cycle of capitulation and failure, as well as why progressives tend to get up in arms over waterboarding.

That was a battle that Chuck should have fought, but instead rolled over for, and oohh… lookee here, this might be the reason why.  Mike Mukasey has just declared that waterboarding is fine, the White House need merely ask for it.  Gee.  Who didn’t see that coming?



Chuck Schumer.

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