We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Trap…

Now, take this guy:

Only hit him with a super growth ray until it reaches the size of a bull and weighs about a ton, and you should be able to picture adequately what scientists just uncovered.

The picture above is of a Capybara, the world’s largest known living rodent, though, as we know these days, that’s not saying much.  Yeah, New York may claim to have some pretty monstrous sewer rats, but Capybara tops them all and he only gets to be about 100 pounds; the size of the family dog.

Rodents these days just aren’t associated with big, but a recent discovery has shown that they do come from considerable stock, as first discovered by an amateur paleontologist in Uruguay.  The discovery, Josephoartigasia Monesi, was of a 21 inch rodent skull whose owner would weigh over two thousand pounds.

That’s a huge rat.  Just imagine if Victor had to make traps that big; it’d take up an entire room.

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