What Was That About Being Progressive?

I sometimes hear or read people question Obama’s progressive street creds, and of course, you get the ever present argument that Hillary and Barack are basically the same.

But the National Journal may have something to say about that.  Based on a ranking that it does every year, the National Journal shows that Obama was the most liberal US Senator in 2007 while Hillary was 16th.  Even more interesting, on being progressive, Hillary has trailed every single year during their joint tenures in the Senate.

But, no, seriously, Clinton is the one who will stand up for progressive issues (She’s rated a several times in the thirties and twenties, and come on, around fifty of those senators were REPUBLICAN!).

Sarcasm aside, Obama’s the more progressive candidate AND he has a broad appeal to Independents and moderate Republicans.  How is that not what Democrats are looking for their next nominee?

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