Now, I’m not the kinda guy to say I told you so…

…Okay, yes I am, and damn it, I told you so.

Let us take a little hop in our time machines and head back to the middle of September of last year.  Weather was beginning to turn, the leaves were beginning to shift from their vibrant greens to the feast of oranges and reds and yellows in anticipation of their Autumnal dance through the air, collecting on retreating lawns only to be raked into majestic piles for screaming children to jump upon.

Occasionally a day would creep in here and there where the harsh bite of winter would sneak up on you and send your hair standing on end, and on those days you could smell the faintest hint of wood burning on fireplaces.  Barbeques were wheeled into garages and winter clothing was in the process of being hauled out of the bottom of closets.

Meanwhile, children were finally coming to grips with the routine of school.  Large, yellow buses caked with the stains of their own exhaust lumbered through neighborhoods in the morning, the low rumble of their engines accompanied by the squeal of their breaks serving as admirably as any alarm clock.

America had just remembered a dark and terrible day on its sixth anniversary and darker portions of its shadow were still being played out every day on the evening news.

And the President of the United States had sat down to address a nation.  He went on in prime time to tell us that his so called surge was working, this despite reports that told a story to the contrary.  Indeed, the single most significant goal of the plan, political reconciliation, was not realized, and if we’re to be honest, it was always unrealistic to think that our military presence would significantly affect that reconciliation.

But that didn’t stop the President from peddling his particular brand of snake oil to the American public.  Indeed, like so many late night infomercials, Bush had offered this news of unadulterated success with an added bonus offer that we simply could not refuse.

He was bringing some troops home.  He called this troop cuts despite the fact that after the supposed draw down, there would still be more troops left in Iraq than there were before the Surge.  And back then I told you exactly how much of a sham all of this was; how the troop cut wasn’t really a troop cut at all, and how any talk of a real drawdown should be taken with a grain of salt, a healthy dose of skepticism, and probably a strong anti-depressent.

It would seem that I was right.

As the New York Times reports today, Bush is rethinking this whole troop cut idea, and the end result could be so bad that we’ll actually have more military personnel in Iraq than during the surge.

But seriously, we’re so winning in Iraq.  We just need the extra troops to… to…  Wait, give me a little bit for the kool-aid to kick in.

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