A Quick Clarification

Earlier today I latched on to the fact that parts of Hillary Clinton’s much lauded final sentiments during the debate were “borrowed”, going so far as to put up some Clinton-Campaign-esque YouTube videos.

But look, I had a point, and it wasn’t to call Hillary Clinton a plagiarist.

I don’t think she is, nor do I think Obama is either.  Same rules for everybody.  My point was twofold.  The first point was that it takes a special kind of audacity to throw the penalty flag at someone else, and then commit the same foul less than an hour later and think it’s okay.  There’s an integrity issue there.

You can do it, you can do whatever you want, really, but don’t expect people to stand up and sing your praises when you do.

The other point behind the posts from earlier today was simply to highlight the absurdity of the entire ordeal.  If we’re dropping these incredibly lame plagiarism charges now, the next step has got to be trying to dig each other’s hearts out with sporks.

It’s really that bad.

Look, at the beginning of this entire mess we call the Democratic Primaries, way back when Hillary and Obama announced, I’ll be honest, I liked them both.  Since then, I saw a few things on policy from Hillary that I was none too fond of, but policy differences can be overcome.

It was the tone her campaign took, and the nastiness of it.  I’ve been saying it for months now; that’s why Hillary is looking at the exit door instead of the door leading to the General Election right now.  Because her camp got unduly nasty.

Is it all her fault?  Maybe, maybe not.  But I will say that her staff has failed her epically.  Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson in particular strike me as men who should never work in politics again, simply put.

Further, her husband should go back to being a party elder now before his image becomes irreparably tarnished in the eyes of a new generation of Democrats.  I fear that it may be too late for that.

Last night, driving home, I was talking on the phone to Mike, and I think we both came to a sort of agreement.  Part of the ugliness of this campaign is that we feel largely disappointed in this family.  Bill and Hillary, two Democrats that we, and many other a Democrat, have gone to the mat for and defended time and again.

There’s a particularly sick feeling you get when you have to stop and think, ‘Jeez, were the wingnuts right about them the whole time?’

I don’t think they were, but both Clintons have a key moment in their life coming up.  It’s a moment that has the potential to alter the way Democrats view Bill and Hillary for years.

On March 5th, should Hillary lose either Texas or Ohio, it will be a matter of if she graciously steps down for the good of the party, or selfishly charges along, her sense of entitlement so great that the sake of the party, and the future of the White House do not even register on her consciousness.

I’ve been harsh on her until now, I fully realize this.  But I will not pass my final judgement on that day.  Eugene Robinson is right, if any other candidate were in the same shoes Hillary was in, the party and the press would be repeatedly asking her why she’s still in.

But the narrative is set for March 4th.  That is where Hillary must make her last stand, and if she fails to pull in the delegates needed to stay competatitve, she has only two paths ahead of her: preserve her legacy and political future by stepping down with honor, or rip apart the party and her own career by demanding a nomination that is not hers by right.

We will see.

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  1. again like bill like hill

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