Amateur Hour

This kind of amateur hour crap from the Obama campaign is the kinda stuff that really pisses me off.  I thought the days of absolutely stupid political moves from Team Obama were buried decently in the past, but just when the campaign looks tight and disciplined, an unnamed top staffer rung up Canada and told them not to worry about the harsh rhetoric coming from the candidate regarding NAFTA… he doesn’t intend to stand by it.

Stupid, stupid.

First, I’ve always in general agreed with Obama’s stance on trade, specifically that trade is a good thing, but free trade without upholding certain standards is essentially a license to start exporting jobs and shrink the middle class.  “Fair trade” is what he argues for, and it’s about the right song to sing.

The Opt Out strategy that apparently has kicked this whole ordeal out is itself not necessarily a bad thing, if used as a last ditch effort.  I wouldn’t necessarily lead off with it, but keep it in mind if necessary to get some fairness added to all that free trading.  I understand why he might want to beef up his rhetoric against NAFTA given the significance of Ohio to the race.

All so far fair game.  But the guy who went and tried to assuage any fears Canada may have, that guy, needs to be seriously shot.  I mean, drug out by the collar, and BLAMMO!  First, why do you care if Canada’s going to take the rhetoric seriously?  We’re not running for the President of Canada, we’re running for the President of the United States.

Second, and I guess we can call this a non-negotiable rule of politics, you NEVER, EVER, EVER EVER EVER say that your candidate is intentionally making promises they don’t intend to at least try to keep!  NEVER!  You might as well schedule a press conference and say, “Hey… I’m working for the Obama campaign, but you know, I really don’t want you to vote for the guy.  No, I’m serious, go vote for his opponent, it’ll be okay.”

Recap.  Original stance on NAFTA, I’m good with.  Kicking up the rhetoric in a close race… touchy, but I’ll survive.  Letting a staffer go around saying you’re planning to welch on your promises…  Stupid.

UPDATE: Ben Smith says there’s no there there.  Well… wish I had some Canadians around here to tell me how solid CTV is on its reporting…

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  1. Jymn says:

    CTV is notoriously conservative. They have become more right wing I think due to the CBC’s left of center stance. In addition, a chief CTV news honcho is literally in bed with a top member of the right-wing Conservative party. As a Canadian, I say take this story (or non-story as it is proving to be) with a large grain of salt.

  2. Thanks Jymn, appreciate it. Definitely puts the update in a much clearer context.

    They should have a banner that says something like, “Hey, we’re the Canuckistanian version of FNC”. It would make things a little easier.

  3. T-Steel says:

    Ditto what Jymn said. My Canadian (Winnipeg) friend’s exact words about CTV and this story were:

    “HA! I see they’re working for American conservatives with a healthy dose of unbelievability.”

  4. That being said, being the American-in-Vancouver that I am I can say that I watch The Daily Show and Colbert every night on CTV. How conservative could they be broadcasting these two?

  5. And of course Marsh is trumpting this. (sigh)


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