Apparently They Haven’t Forgotten

John McCain’s bid for the Republican nomination may be looking up now after a phenomenal Super Tuesday, and even better after Romney, but he’s still got some major obstacles to go, not the least of which convincing his own base not to hate him.

McCain would hope, though, that now that his immigration bill has long since been buried, he might at least get a reprieve from that, but as it turns out, not quite.

Speaking at CPAC, the Maverick touched upon his attempt at immigration reform, and was instantly met with boos.  Now, I read the text, and Think Progress above has the clip, and I have to say that there’s the slightest possibility that this might be a teensy bit unfair.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no horse in the Republican race, and personally get chills just thinking of any of them winning the White House, but what McCain was doing was actually being honest with the fact that he had broken from the party line on immigration, an act that, given the situation was entirely honorable in my book.

Too often we see politicians making unpopular decisions and then trying to flip-flop their way out of it.  McCain was owning up to it.  Now, you don’t get to get away with that all the time, as John Edwards sort of proved, but when it comes to immigration, McCain had one of two choices, do the flip-flop-and-pander two-step, or own up to what he did.

In this instance, he made the right choice.

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