At The Polls (Virginia)

Well, it’s a beautiful day for an election here in Southern Virginia.  Right now the temperatures is in the high thirties, but according to the forecast it’s supposed to creep back up into the fifties which is decently warm for this time of year.  Polls have been open since 6 this morning and don’t close until 7 and all you have to do is be in line by 7pm, so you have no excuse not to vote.

I’ve already voted at the Providence Presbyterian Church just a few blocks from my house.  There weren’t a whole lot of people voting at the time, but then I went at about 8:30 am which is about the same time that I imagine most folks are piling into their cars and heading off to work.  If I have to tell you who I voted for, you obviously don’t read this blog often enough and should familiarize yourself.

It was pretty smooth and seamless, definitely no hassles and the staff were more than helpful and friendly.  There was one thing that I found particularly odd, though.

Now keep in mind, I live in a fairly strong Republican district, in fact I remember when I was working the Tim Kaine phone banks that we were told to really focus on Virginia Beach in order to try and carve out some support in Kilgore’s turf.  So, I don’t often see a lot of Democratic lawn signs around my way.  As I parked my car, I noticed zero Obama signs or Clinton signs, but a whole herd of Huckabee signs and a couple of Ron Paul signs (seriously folks, he’s suspended his campaign, he’s defending his congressional seat, leave us alone, please), but the topper was the lady with the card table.

I’ve never voted in Virginia before; the drawback to being a California resident most the time I’ve lived here, so a lot of what I was seeing I was seeing for the first time, and there was a lady standing right next to a  sign that said “No campaigning or literature beyond this point” (behind which were all the Paul and Huckabee signs).  Beside her was a card table with some neatly piled stacks of paper and the first thing I thought to myself was that maybe she was there to help people vote…


Vote for Huckabee.  I asked her about the sign that said no campaigning, and she said the sign really wasn’t the boundary, the x’s marked on the sidewalk were–there were a couple of Huckabee signs beyond the x’s.  I pointed to it and the lady smiled her sickly sweet smile and said, “Oh, the sign doesn’t say anything about signs,” and my shoulders drooped a little.

Then she tried to hand me a Huckabee pamphlet for which I resisted, and rather commendably I might add, saying, “ARE YOU NUCKING FUTS?!?!  THAT GUY IS BATSHIT INSANE!!!!  HE WANTS TO TURN AMERICA INTO A THEOCRACY AND TURN THE CONSTITUTION INTO A ROLL OF TP!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”  But instead I just smiled, politely declined, and headed in.

Other than that, nothing really interesting to report.  I might swing by later on my way into the office just to see how voter turnout is doing, but given the demographics of my district, it’s not likely to be considerably high.  With all that said, if you live in Virginia, Maryland, or DC, the polls are open so get out and vote already.

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  1. Old Atlantic says:

    I voted for Mike Huckabee in Virginia because he took the NumbersUSA no amnesty pledge.

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