I’ve been sort of monitoring the situation with the plagiarism charges against Barack Obama all day, and the tone surrounding the story has been interesting in the way it has evolved from the beginning.

It started out simple enough; people were predicting that this plagiarism charge would result much in the same way that it did with Joe Biden in the eighties.  For the most part, however, these were mostly conservative bloggers with the Clinton cultists (yes… good for the goose good for the gander and all that jazz) like Taylor Marsh and No Quarter hopping on the plagiarism train.

But then it came out that the original source approved of the usage.  Better than that, he had given express permission for Obama to use that line as he had as he had suffered similar criticisms as the Democratic frontrunner regarding the power of words.  He even okayed not being cited.

From here, the tone changed, and what looked like what might have been a pretty damning attack against Obama was starting to turn into a misstep against Clinton.  Even conservatives like Captain Ed are bemused at how flimsy of an attack this ultimately turned out to be.

By the time this time tomorow, the story will for the most part be dead, with perhaps some lingering echoes on how desperate the Clinton camp has gotten, and just how deep in the mud she’s willing to go.  Like when Bill Clinton went out of bounds in South Carolina, yet another pattern of this campaign is developing; the nastier the Clinton campaign gets, the more damage it does to itself.

The funniest part of this whole thing is, much like the hypocrisy the Clinton camp has shown regarding public funding for campaigns, she’s more than a little dubious regarding so-called plagiarism.  When asked if the Clinton camp could assure people that they too weren’t doing the same thing Obama was doing, they conveniently wouldn’t commit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  When Hillary loses this race, she’ll have no one to blame but herself… herself and her campaign anyway.

UPDATE: Thanks to Joe Gandelman for linking in!

2 Responses to “Backlash”

  1. Toby Beeve says:

    Even Ed Morrissey? He may be conservative but that doesn’t equate to dishonest.
    Don’t be so blindly partisan.

  2. terry says:

    I may be wrong but it seems that the Clinton campaign is making a really big deal out of this to divert attention from Bill’s latest flair up. Here he is, last night in Ohio, he gets so angry:

    In contrast, look at how Obama handles the same type of situation,


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