Bush Pushing Another Anti-Choice Theocrat for the Federal Bench

While the political world is totally caught up in the primary Kabuki trying to figure out whether TweedleBam or TweedleShe will wind up as the Democratic nominee and acting as if it matters, Emperor Georgius is taking the opportunity to push the Senate Judiciary Committee to report out the nomination of one Richard Honacker to the Wyoming Federal District Court.

The nomination was made last March and has been hanging fire ever since. He obviously thinks that with the Senate bowing and banging its head on the floor in a rush to protect him and the telecom companies who blatantly broke the law for years and years from prosecution for their crimes, now would be a good time. You know, while they’re already in Surrender Mode.

Honacker is, of course, a Bush Lulu. Rabidly right-wing, he tried to get a law passed in Wyoming banning all abortions, and he has repeatedly insisted that US law should be superceded by Biblical law. On the former, Sharon Breitweiser, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wyoming, wrote:

[W]hen an Associated Press reporter called for a quote [after the nomination had been made], I didn’t know where to start! Should I start with the list of anti-choice legislation he championed in the state legislature – such as the “Human Life Protection Act,” a bill he authored that would have outlawed almost all abortion? Maybe I should highlight the major role Americans United for Life played in developing his “Human Life Protection Act?” The group even paid for his trip to Chicago, where they advised him on how to advance this legislation! Or maybe it would be better to focus on his role with the “Unseen Hands of Prayer Circle PAC” – the group that was formed to try to push an abortion ban through the ballot process after it failed in the legislature? Honaker even represented the extreme anti-choice group before the State Supreme Court and succeeded in getting the measure on the 1994 statewide ballot – but fortunately, Wyoming voters overwhelmingly rejected the Honaker abortion ban by a 61-39 percent margin. Of all the Americans qualified to sit on the federal bench, this is whom George Bush picks?!?!?

Well, duh. Who else? And to be fair, Honacker’s theocratic credentials are just as strong as his anti-choice ones. Talk to Action‘s Rob Boston notes that:

[Honacker] believes abortion is murder and that biblical law should trump the secular law. He said in one speech, “I came to know that if the Bible is true, if Christianity is true, then it is true in family life. It is true in economics. It is true in law, and it is true in all facets of human endeavor. I know that with only such a world view can Christians have any impact upon the culture around them.”

Speaking before convention of homeschoolers in Wyoming in 2005, Honaker said, “[I]f taught accurately, history can teach us that the greatest American patriots and leaders were Christians, and that there is indeed a Christian basis for American institutions of law, government, and business.” In the same address, he attacked the Supreme Court because it “no longer talks about America as a Christian nation or about the Christian underpinnings of the law.”

Questioned about these rather unusual views, Honaker replied that no one should worry. A higher court could always step in and overrule him. “The losing party [could] appeal to the Tenth Circuit, and perhaps on to the United States Supreme Court, and nobody would remember what the trial judge did anyhow,” he said.

Right. Vote for me because even if I’m a flaming idiot and far-right fruitcake, Federal judges aren’t important and can always be over-ruled. Vote for me because it doesn’t matter.

What a platform.

The Senate Judiciary Committee ought to end this NOW by rejecting Honacker categorically and demanding that Bush send them a nominee who doesn’t think the Constitution is something to wipe his ass with.

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