Bush To Signal Support To McCain

Okay, so this is how it was supposed to work.  After George W. Bush stepped on John McCain to win the Republican nomination and eventually became president, the Maverick’s role was to be a supporter of Bush.  Spoken or not, the agreement was pretty simple; for letting Bush get away with political murder John McCain would be elevated to presumptive nominee when Bush left the White House.

But oh how things have changed.

Things can go wrong and the political landscape doesn’t always come off as predicted.  For instance, who knew that Giuliani would have such a serious rise to prominence in the Republican race, or for that matter, Mike Huckabee.  Indeed, instead of being the presumptive nominee, McCain has spent much of the race with his candidacy on life support.  Also, who among the Republicans could have predicted that George W. Bush would be a terrible president?  One so hated that even Republicans are afraid to talk about him?

But that’s how things shaped up, and really, McCain’s jumping back to the head of the pack has been a shocker in its own right and one strangely different from the narrative that a lot of us expected to see; that of the scrappy insurgent compared to the almost incumbent candidacy.  Even stranger is that despite the fact that McCain now has a clear path to the nomination, he’s hated by a quite a large portion of his own party.

With all that said, the fact that the sitting president is supposed to signal support for McCain today whilst addressing CPAC only goes to show how topsy turvy things have gotten.  In the spirit of the mood, Bush is even dusting off the old Orwellian double talk, talking about peace through a hawkish warmongering agenda, and prosperity while we stare down the gullet of a recession.

But the true irony is simply that Bush was supposed to help McCain, and yet at this point, him coming out in support of the candidate, even if it isn’t a direct and specific show of support, can only hurt him more.

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