Alright guys, last post for the night, then I’ll pick it back up in the morning.

MSNBC is calling California for both John McCain and Hillary Clinton.  On the Republican side, I think this serves as the knockout blow.  Romney needed California and it didn’t happen.

For the Democrats, it’s a different story, and we’re going to have to wait and see how the delegates split before we can say anything definitive.  Nothing definitive can be said about the Democratic race until we have a clear picture on what the delegate breakdown is going to be, but just based on what I’ve been seeing tonight, Obama’s done well enough across the board not only to stay in the hunt, but also to keep a good chunk of the momentum that’s got him where he is now.  Again, as I said before this crazy mess began, he needs to at least keep within a hundred delegates of Hillary to stay competitive, and I think he achieved that.  Who knows, if the Chuck Todd math I posted about earlier is right, he may even do better than that.

Good night, and we’ll pick it up again tomorrow.

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