Closing Argument

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  1. like husband like wife, was she throwing in the towel?

  2. You know, some say she was. some have said that it more aptly represents the idea that she is ready to lose if it happens.

    Mike and I got into it a little last night, and you know, it comes down to this March 5th, Hillary will have lost either Texas or Ohio, possibly both, and either you’re going to see a flock of super delegates leave her in order to force her to step down, or you’re going to see her do the right thing, and do it on her own with grace.

    It’s… There are tactics involved here too. If she can go out with a little grace at the end, turn around, and really support Obama’s run the rest of the way to the White House, if he manages to lose to McCain, Hillary can still mount another run in2012, or, if he does win it, and holds it for eight years, she can possibly make a go of it in 2016 (though, at that point, age will be a factor).

    But it all boils down to, the Clintons have a legacy to think of, still a considerable role in politics to think of. If she pushes this fight too far, it’s all going to be ruined. She won’t be able to hold her Senate seat another term if she gets seen as the reason Obama lost to McCain.

    So, in that swan’s song of an address, maybe Hillary wasn’t throwing in the towel, so much, as maybe coping with reality. Realistically, it’s almost impossible for her to win the nomination. Realistically, if she pushes too much, she’ll be done as a politicians. Realisticially, you have to find a line where you just back down and let what’s going to happen, happen.


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