Well, as you all no doubt know, thanks to Mike, She’s done it again.  Hillary has “shown  her human side” by getting all misty eyed–curiously enough on the eve of a major primary in a state where she’s not doing quite as well as she should be doing.

It’s enough to make the most trusting, sensitive, and gullible mark in the world turn into a jaded cynic.  Luckily, I didn’t have to make such a large trek.

It’s already known that I trust Hillary Clinton as far as I can throw her, which isn’t very far considering her Secret Service detail, and the fact that I’m just not likely to chase her around the country just to see if I can get some decent distance.  Not going to happen.

And unfortunately, the Clinton campaign has already established quite a few patterns already, lending credibility to the idea that if she’s done it once, she’ll do it again.  First you had the pattern of dropping some pretty heinous attacks through high level surrogates, then you had the pattern of trying to change the rules in her favor after the fact (think… I don’t know, Michigan, Nevada, and Florida).

Now it would seem as though she’s developing the bottom of the ninth, two men out and down by one tear leak pattern, and yeah, I could be more thrilled about it.

But there’s another point to be seen in this whole mess.  Apparently she started showing some tears after a pretty heartfelt introduction.  Okay, fair enough; I start crying like a baby every time I watch Mulan.  If someone got up on stage and started singing my praises, I’d probably get all kinds of weepy (but I’d reign it in so I could get some quality gloat time in too).

So here’s the moral of the story, as Steve Benen (who really can be a clear minded guy when the rest of us go nutso) reveals.  It’s not whether she did it on purpose or not; the real crime is that people are paying this much attention!

Media types… news persons… what do you call ’em?  Right, reporters.  It doesn’t matter if she cries.  We’re not voting on who’s the best crier.  So please, please, please, let’s stop covering these people like they’re washed out pop stars and heiresses.

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