Congratulations Josh

I credit two bloggers who inspired me to start blogging in the waning days of 2004.  I would eventually not grow to be anything like either of them; that’s part of how blogging goes.  You carve out your own style, your own niche, you do what comes most naturally, and slowly you explore other avenues.  Some people bring their own expertise to blogging, while others run about as far away from what they know to focus on new ideas and new arenas.

It can be at once a totally rewarding endeavor, yet a thoroughly disappointing one.  But rewarded or disappointed, blogging has changed the shape of the media, and continues to do so, and today one of the bloggers who was at the forefront of that movement received some much deserved recognition.

I just wanted to stop for a moment and congratulate Josh Marshall for winning a George Polk award for his work with Talking Points Memo.   Josh has been leading the way in blogging and independent journalism for what must pass as an eternity in the blogosphere, and if it weren’t for him I doubt this blogger would even be there.

Thanks and congrats.

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