Democratic Primary/Caucus Calendar

Given the dead heat, it is probably time to start analyzing the upcoming primaries and caucuses.  Here’s the calendar:

Feb. 9 – Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands

Feb. 10 – Maine

Feb. 12 – DC, Maryland, Virginia (Kyle Votes)

Feb. 19 – Hawaii, Wisconsin

March 4 – Ohio, Rhode Island, Texas, Vermont

March 8 – Wyoming

March 11 – Mississippi

April 22 – Pennsylvania

May 3 – Guam

May 6 – Indiana, North Carolina

May 13 – West Virginia

May 20 – Kentucky, Oregon (Macswain picks our next President)

June 3 – Montana, South Dakota

June 7 – Puerto Rico

The New York Times has it purtier and with more details.

5 Responses to “Democratic Primary/Caucus Calendar”

  1. CRAP! I gotta find my voter card!

  2. I need to figure out how to become a part of that “democrats abroad” constituency.

  3. HAH! Don’t need my voter card. Just my Driver’s License. Woot!

    I am GUARANTEEING Virginia Goes To Obama

  4. terry says:

    Hey, CT went for Obama, I’m sure VA can.

    On a side note, a neighbor was out this morning taking down his Ron Paul lawn signs. He looked a little dejected.

  5. Well, I can imagine. The EVOL folks have been fueled on this belief that all the polls and all the punditry have been conspiring against Paul, and that his actual support was better than anyone would give him credit for.

    Super Tuesday was a pretty definitive answer that, no, in fact Paul has always on the fringe.


  1. Barack Obama 2008 - Where Do We Go From Here? : - [...] CFLF has a schedule of the upcoming primaries. Feb. 9 - Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands [...]

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