Don’t Believe The Lack Of Hype

There we go… I’ve been waiting for Hillary to continue to set the bar lower, an attempt to mitigate the damage of a blowout weekend in favor of her opponent, and she’s done it.  Speaking at a GM plant in Maryland, Clinton dismissed the losses as a result of the fact that she doesn’t do well in caucuses, and because in Liouisiana, there are a lot of people of color.

How inspirational can it be to follow a candidate who has the annoying habit of constantly lowering the bar for herself?  But this seems to be her leading strategy of the nomination battle, and I don’t want you to be fooled.  I live in Virginia, I know, she has no viable excuses for losing here other than Virginia prefers Obama more.

Point one: Hillary has campaigned here.  She’s put out TV buys, one of which I watched last night as I relaxed from the Obama rally I had just gotten home from here.  On top of that, she’s also held a number of campaign events between she and her husband in this state.  So don’t let her fool you and try and say she didn’t really try too hard in this state because she did.

Point two: It’s not a caucus.  As I plan on heading down to my polling place as soon as I wake up, I can assure that Virginia is a true primary, as are Maryland and DC.  She does not get to blame this on the activists out shining the electorate. 

She’s playing here, it’s a traditional vote, and she’s still likely to lose.  So I wonder what her spin will be to try and say these states aren’t important either.

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