Early Exit Polls

FINALLY!  A little numberage to go along with all this waiting.

NRO’s Campaign Spot’s got some early exit polling numbers that are in no way definitive, but at the very least let us know what’s currently going on.  Too bad, they’re focusing on the Republican race over there.

Some interesting points to look at. 

-Currently McCain is holding a four point lead over Mitt in California, a state Mitt MUST win, and a result that runs against some of the latest polling reports from the state.  There’s still over four hours left of voting, as well as absentee ballots to look at, so don’t expect to know the answer to this treasure trove until very late tonight/early tomorrow morning.

-Romney has a two point lead over McCain in Missouri.  If he pulls this upset, that’s going to really energize his campaign (assuming he wins California of course).

-Romney’s got a ridiculous lead in his own state of Massachusetts, however when we go to Arizona, it’s a pretty close race–only about a five point gap for McCain.

 Thus, right now McCain is still poised to do as well as most expected, however, the door is open for Romney to pull some pretty big upsets before the night is over.

Also, here’s the digital ink I was looking for as far as the Democratic race in Mass. is concerned.

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