Friday Blogroll Call

So with Blogroll Amnesty Day behind us, I’ve kind of made a little pledge to myself to be more conscientious regarding other bloggers and work harder at sharing the love.  Thus, from now on, and I promise to stick to this, every Friday I’m going to highlight some work from other bloggers on our blog roll as well as make an open call for any blogger who wants to hop on our blogroll.

Getting on our blogroll is easy to do.  You drop a comment in this post with your url, and you put us on your blogroll.  It’s that easy.

Now to the good stuff.

I wanted to put some special recognition to “A Town Called Dobson” not only because it’s a hilarious little political webcomic, but also because Storm Bear designed our nifty little loaning brain cells logo off to the left.  In the latest installment, TCD takes a little jab at how the Republican presidential race has shaped up.

Dyre 42 could use some congratulating with the birth of a new baby daughter.  I remember that feeling, having went through it twice now, so congratulations!

While we now know how California turned out, Angie’s distress with identity politics is pretty important.

Finally, Matt, one of our co-contributors from time to time here at CFLF has a story up on his blog that everyone needs to read.

Alright folks, check out these blogs, if you want a link exchange, let me know in comments.

6 Responses to “Friday Blogroll Call”

  1. matttbastard says:

    Thanks for the link, Kyle!


  2. Ahem. Yes. I’d like a link please. Thanks. (Doffs hat)

    Thinks (Whew, what timing!)


  3. I will add you as soon as I can get to it this evening!

  4. Many thanks for the kind words. They are deeply appreciated.

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